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"The other orthodontist that I saw wanted to remove 6 permanent teeth. That was not OK with me or my Mom. Dr. Hang's goal was to bring my lower jaw forward to meet my upper jaw without removing any teeth. That's what he did with the Biobloc and I am very happy with my smile. When I look back at pictures of myself when I was 10, I can see how much better I look now."
"My lower jaw was in front of my upper jaw. It was a problem I had had since birth. I also had TMJ problems that were very painful. My jaw would make huge cracking noises. I spent my entire life having to negotiate around my teeth. Now, I smile with my mouth open and I am not self conscious about it. I never did that for the first 45 years of my life. Everything worked out as well as I could have expected. I'm really thrilled that I decided to take the plunge. And, now that it is done, it feels amazing. "
"People have found Dr. Hang from as far away as Alaska. I think everybody should know about him because he is where orthodontics is headed. It's not headgear. It's not pulling teeth, yet those people still exist. I wanted better for my daughter...and myself. "
"Total health benefit! Dr. Hang explained that in trying to breathe I was straining my neck by pushing my chin forward. Now, I have plenty of room in my mouth for my tongue. I'm able to breathe freely and naturally. My jaw is wider and lower, I have a fuller lip and I love my smile. The tension in my neck is gone."

"It's definitely worth it in the end. I know that my smile, which I love, is not going to change."

"It's been a life altering experience. The fact that I am now going to be able to live to my normal life expectancy.... how can you thank somebody for giving you 20 extra years?"

...because this is not your typical orthodontist.
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If you visit other dental sites you will find most of them cluttered with trite terms like “state of the art”, “high tech/high touch”, “warm & friendly atmosphere”, “cutting edge techniques” and other similarly overused & meaningless platitudes. Most of those same sites will not even offer you a thoughtful discussion about the remarkable impact that making the right (or wrong) orthodontic decision could have on your life.

The Face Focused approach to your care is markedly different than traditional orthodontic treatment. Our goals are: to pay careful attention to the health of your airway; to give you a more balanced, attractive face; to keep your jaw joints functioning well and free of pain; and to provide you with straight teeth. In the process of achieving those goals, we do not extract permanent teeth or use retractive headgears. Many traditional orthodontists will tell you that Dr. Hang’s approach is “unconventional” and “out of the mainstream”.

We agree. Our patients agree. Dr. Hang’s students agree. And, after you have toured this site, we are confident you will agree as well.
Dr. Hang received a traditional orthodontic education and taught conventional, mainstream methods in a university orthodontic program. That experience made it crystal clear to him that the short and long term results of “traditional” methods often had serious esthetic and functional shortcomings. This realization gave Dr. Hang the impetus he needed to find a better way…and our patients believe he did.

You will meet many of our patients on this site. Some of them came to us with crooked teeth and simply wanted them straightened.

Others had very well intentioned parents who made poor orthodontic decisions on their behalf when they were adolescents. As a result of that earlier treatment, these patients needed help alleviating pain patterns and/or improving their facial appearance. Others knew instinctively that removing teeth and using a headgear was not appropriate and wanted much better for their children. Others have arrived at our office with grinding teeth or snoring problems, only to learn they had life threatening cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Many of these patients chose a comprehensive solution to their condition, which has definitely brought sustained joy into their daily existence and has possibly extended their life expectancy.

In most cases, the people you will meet on this site are no different than you (or your children). They started off looking for an orthodontist and got much more than they ever expected when they embraced a Face Focused treatment. Then, when their treatment was complete, they fought off the nerves, cleared the calendar and summoned the courage they needed to spend hours in front of a camera explaining to you why they believe so strongly in our methods. None of them were compensated for their time. They all volunteered to speak out on what they consider to be very important issues for children and adults alike: Non-extraction treatment; better facial balance and appearance; airway health; reversal of previous unsuccessful orthodontic treatment; alleviation of pain patterns;correcting an overbite; and the reversal of Obstructive Sleep Apnea symptoms.

Who is more qualified to give you advice than people like you who have been through the process themselves and are willing to share their experiences? We chose to film our patients relating their personal experiences to you after realizing that they could do it in a far more intimate and meaningful way than we ever could. These videos are not your typical, “Oh, Dr. Hang is wonderful.” testimonials. In 10 to 15 minute individual programs patients describe: the symptoms they had; the treatment they received; the results they got; and the lives they are living as a result of being treated by Dr. Hang.

As you will learn from our patients, your decision regarding the orthodontic treatment you are about to undergo can have lifelong negative - or positive - consequences. Please, spend plenty of time on this site educating yourself before making a final decision.

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